Introducing the SingleCell Enclosure System


  • Aluminum Framing

  • Laser Cut Acrylic Panels

  • Multiple Spool Holders for virtually any spool size

  • Air Filtration and Control System

  • PSU Ventilation (no removal necessary)

  • Lift-off Removable Door

  • 3D Printed Hardware

  • Cable Pass Through

  • Optional Thermostat 

  • Optional LED Lighting ​


  • Stock Prusa MK3/S, Black PSU

  • Stock Prusa MK3/S, Silver PSU


Precision CNC Machining

We offer competitively priced CNC machining services using the latest productivity technologies. Whether you need two parts or two thousand, Hall Precision has you covered.

On Demand 3D Printing

3D printing fills the space between prototyping and mass production. No high startup costs, no long term commitments, just results. Contact us today to bring your ideas to life.

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