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Place the SingleCell™ enclosure over your stock Prusa Printer, select the proper Dynamic Filter setting, and enjoy printing without warping, splitting, odors or heat creep.



  • Rigid aluminum frame
  • Clear, laser-cut acrylic panels
  • 3D printed hardware
  • Dynamic air control/filtration
  • PSU ventilation (no removal necessary)
  • Lift-off removable door
  • Adjustable spool holder
  • LED lighting


Currently compatible with the Prusa MK3S with Black PSU only!


MMU, Silver PSU, and other configuration options are under development and will be added when available. Shoot us an email if you want to be notified when they go live!





You have a 3D printer, right? Let’s put it to good use! With this purchase option selected you’ll be required to print the 3D printable components, purchase the AC Infinity MULTIFAN S2 ($15.99 USD) that's used for the air filter, and purchase an LED Light Strip Kit like this one if desired. Everything else will be included in your kit!


Full Kit

If you’d rather not hassle with 3D printing and ordering separate parts, we’ll include everything in your package for an additional $100 USD. This upcharge covers manufacturing and purchasing, stocking, and distributing of the filter fan, LED lighting, and 3D printed components. 

3D printed parts will be in black PETG




All STL files and instructional documents can be found on our Downloads page.


External Dimensions:

20in wide x 24in deep x 17in tall (26" including standard spool)

508mm wide x 609.6mm deep x 431.8mm tall (660.4 including standard spool)


Internal Dimensions:

18in wide x 22in deep x 16in tall

457.2mm wide x 558.8mm deep x406.4mm tall


*3D Printer not included*

SingleCell™ Prusa MK3S Printer Enclosure

Kit Type