The SingleCell MKII 3D printer enclosure for the Prusa MK3/S/S+ is the most cost effective and feature packed enclosure kit on the market. Once assembled, simply place it over your stock Prusa MK3/S/S+, configure it for your environment and material type, and then enjoy printing with reduced odors, noise, warping, edge lifting, splitting, and heat creep.


Shipping Notice

Current lead time: 2-6 weeks

We build our webstore products in between industrial CNC machining jobs so our lead times can be quite volitile. We are working hard to reduce lead times and expect to achieve near same day shipping before the end of 2021. Until then, orders are completed during our downtime in the order that they are received so, order now to secure your place in line!



  • Set-over design
  • PSU ventillation - no removal necessary
  • Manual air control and filtration system, optional thermostat upgrade ready
  • Lift off, removable door
  • Elegant cable management system
  • 3D printed hardware
  • Spool holders that accomodate almost any spool size
  • Magnetic door knob
  • Optional lighting upgrade ready


We designed the SingleCell MKII so that you could take advantage of your 3D printing capabilities and manufacture the 3D Printed Hardware yourself in whichever color scheme you choose. It ony takes 35 hours and half a spool of filament to print all the parts necessary for one enclosure but, if you don't want to print them yourself, you can purchase a set from us in black PETG.


Please note to increase your savings, we do not sell the electronics so you will need to purchase them seperately. See our FAQ's for more info. 


To use this enclosure you will also need:

AC Infinity Multifan S2


You can also integrate a thermostat and LED lighting if desired:

AC Infinity Controller 2 (3D printed mounts available in our library)

LED Lighting example


Standard Kit

3D print the 3D Printed Hardware in whichever color scheme you choose. Then, assemble your enclosure using the hardware we provide in your shipment.



  • 12 pieces of aluminum framing
  • 5 laser cut acrylic panels
  • 50 feet of window gasket
  • 4 bearings
  • 2 magnets
  • 24 screws
  • 1 activated carbon filter strip


Standard Kit +3DP

The exact same kit as above but instead of you making the 3D printed parts, we'll include a black PETG set in your shipment. Please note that this kit does not include the optional 3D printed parts needed for the upgrades like the thermostat mount and large spool holder AND, that you will need to specify which type of PSU you have, black or silver.



  • Standard Kit contents
  • 8 3DP corner connectors
  • 2 3DP hinge assemblies
  • 1 3DP knob assembly
  • 1 3DP PSU vent for Black or Silver PSU (please specify when selecting kit type)
  • 1 3DP filter assembly
  • 1 3DP spool holder assembly
  • 6 3DP cable keepers


Optional 3DP Parts:

Our communnity of users is constantly exploring the modularity of the SingleCell by developing add ons like PSU cooling systems, external rasberry pi mounts, build sheet storage racks, bowden adapters, and other useful items. These can be found in our part library mentioned above!


Stil have questions? See our FAQ section or contact us today!



  • Item pictured may differ from actual product
  • 3D printer and filament not included

SingleCell MKII™ Prusa MK3/S/S+ Enclosure

  • Weight 

    10.0 lbs approximate

    External Dimensions
    20in wide x 24in deep x 17in tall (26" including standard spool)
    508mm wide x 609.6mm deep x 431.8mm tall (660.4 including standard spool)

    Internal Dimensions
    18in wide x 22in deep x 16in tall
    457.2mm wide x 558.8mm deep x406.4mm tall