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HP SingleCell 3D Printer Enclosure for Prusa Printers

The HP SingleCell for Prusa 3D printers was designed with modularity, ergonomics, and cost effectiveness in mind. Requiring no modifications to the stock printer, assembly of the 40-piece enclosure kit is largely tool free. Paired with the HP FilterCell, this enclosure can accommodate materials like PLA and ABS with the flip of a switch. In “Exhaust” mode the filter will evacuate air and pull in fresh air creating a cool environment for materials like PLA, PETG, and TPU while “Recirculate” mode will allow the air to warm up while being scrubbed by the activated carbon filter creating a suitable, scent free environment for ABS, Nylon, etc.


Current Compatibility

Prusa MK3S-Black PSU
Prusa MK3S-Silver PSU
Prusa MK3S-Black PSU w/ MMU
Prusa MK3S-Silver w/ MMU
Prusa Mini


The filter uses this fan which you’ll need to purchase from amazon. You can also integrate this thermostat although we found that it wasn’t much use in an air-conditioned room. You may find it necessary if yours is in an unconditioned space.

You can also purchase and install LED strip lighting to the under side of the panel gasket for added brilliance.


All physical components will be provided in your order, additionally, all .stl files for 3D printable parts will be provided at time of purchase.



  • Rigid, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Laser cut Acrylic panels
  • 3D printed hardware
  • Lift off (removable) door
  • PSU Ventillation (no printer mods needed)
  • Adjustable environment with HP FilterCell
  • PSU power cable grammet
  • Filament passthrough slot
  • Adjustable width spool holder, can add many more. 
  • Tons of future add ons


External Dimensions:

20in wide x 24in deep x 17in tall (25in tall including spool)

508mm wide x 609.6mm deep x 431.8mm tall (635mm tall including spool)


Internal Dimensions:

18in wide x 22in deep x 16in tall

457.2mm wide x 558.8mm deep x 406.4mm tall


First round of orders ship early December.