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Finally, a sleek pocket clip for the Gerber Prybrid. Simply remove two of the existing screws, position the pocket clip over the empty holes, and then bolt on using the longer screws we supply in your order. The clip does not block or interfere with any of the knive's original features or functions. 


Clips are precision CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum and stonewashed for a matte finish.


Made in house, in Texas, in the USA.


Each order contains one pocket clip and 2 screws. 

Gerber Prybrid not included

This product is manufactured during the down time between industrial production jobs, so inventory levels can be quite sporadic. Rest assured, we will fulfill your order during our next production break.

If In Stock: Order will ship within 2 days.

If Preordering: Order will near specified date.

Out of Stock