Prybars are all the rage these days so we decided to make our own. We asked members of the Facebook Page: EDC (EveryDay Carry) what features they'd want to see in a prybar and here are the results.


Shipping Notice

Restocking in: 4-8 weeks

We build our webstore products in between industrial CNC machining jobs so our lead times can be quite volitile. We are working hard to reduce lead times and expect to achieve near same day shipping before the end of 2021. Until then, orders are completed during our downtime in the order that they are received so, order now to secure your place in line!


General criteria: Less is more - keep it simple.

Material: 6AL-4V Grade 5 High Strength Titanium.

Taper style: Slim/narrow.

Dims: Length 5", width 5/8", thickness 3/16". Tip width is 3/8".

Lanyard style: Large loop with thick walls so you can hammer on it.

Exclusions: Bottle openers, hex drivers, nail pullers, etc. 


These prybars are precision CNC Machined in our Texas based machine shop. 


Shipping disclaimer:

We manufacture our webstore products in between industrial production jobs so our lead times vary depending on our demand. Secure your spot in line for the quickest delivery possible.

Pri-Tanium - Simplistic Titanium Prybar