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The SingleCell MKII was specifically designed to enclose the Prusa MK3/S/S+ line of 3D printers on a desktop surface without needing to relocate or detatch the PSU. It utilizes 3D printed hardware in place of expensive off-the-shelf parts to increase your savings. Effortlessly toggle between environments with our proprietary air handling system, accomodate nearly any size spool with the adjustable spool holder, print high tempurature materials without warping or splitting, enjoy reduced noise and ordors, and protect your printer from dust, debris, and pets.


Assembly Video


Kit Types

1. PIY Kit (print it yourself)

- This kit includes all hardware needed for one enclosure EXCLUDING the 3DP parts.

- Download the 3DP parts and print them yourself. 

2. Full Kit

- This kit includes all hardware needed for one enclosure INCLUDING the 3DP hardware.

- Note: Your Prusa MK3 will have either a Black or Silver PSU (Power Supply Unit). This is the metal box on the back-right side of the printer frame. It's important that you indentify which PSU type you have and add the correct option to your cart.



- Air Control System

- PSU Ventillation (no removal necessary)

- Adjustable Spool Holder

- Magnetic Knob

- Removable Door

- Cable Management

- Upgradeable (see "Upgrades" info section)


Kits Include:

- Laser Cut Acrylic Panels

- Anodized Aluminum Framing

- Black Rubber Panel Gasket

- Stainless Steel Screws

- Neodynium Magnets

- Steel Ball Bearings

- Air Filter Media

- USB Fan

- 3DP Parts in Black PETG (Full Kit Only)

We highly recommend these following upgrades!

Thermostat/Fan Controller

This controller monitors the enclosure's tempurature and either toggles the fan on/off or adjusts the speed to maintain a temperature set point. Paired with our air control system, it allows full control over your ambient print tempurature. You can find the mount and cable keeper 3D model files in our "Optional Files" here.

LED Strip Lighting

Linked above is one of many adhesive backed LED strip lighting options available through amazon. Take your pick and then easily install on the top inside rim of your enclosure for high intensity lighting.

Our instructional video shows installation for all upgrades.  

PriceFrom $399.99
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